Bridget Malupande is a beautiful 20 years young adult who was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in 2017. She is the last of 6 children with no father as he passed away in 2007 and a mother who is currently serving 5 years in jail.

The family lives in new Ngombe compound and hassle every day to put food on the table and also help with Bridget’s care. Early this year her sister Precious took Bridget’s story to social media for financial help and the family received an overwhelming response. A lot of well wishers came to their aid giving them money, transportation and food. They managed seek better medical help for Bridget and sure enough in a few months she started showing great improvements. She is currently feeling and looking better but she can not walk unaided.

The family still needs financial help to take Bridget for PT Physical therapy so that she can learn how to walk again.