My name is Gift Mulenga and am 22 years old.  I come from a family of six and am the 4th born. I was born with alot challenges but was lucky to go to a school for the disabled called Da-gama primary and secondary School in Luayasha.

I went there from grade 1 till grade 12 and after I completed, I went to college where I studied Secretarial and Office Management. I started doing makeup a few years ago in 2019 because I wanted to do something that could challenge my disability but still be good at it because I wanted to show the world that my luck of fingers could not stop me from doing makeup. I also wanted to inspire other disabled people to see that anything is possible. Right now am having challenges with makeup tools that have a special grip which am unable to buy. So most of the time I lose clients because of that. My hope is to have my own makeup studio that has tools that I can use easily  and also teach other disabled girls. I also chose this field because it doesn’t require me to walk at my job because I have an artificial leg.  I am always in pain when I walk long distances  so having  my own makeup studio will help make money to feed my family.

Am currently a member of a Non-profit organization called Women of Impact. Thank you for taking your time to read this. God bless you.