Welcome to PINK LOVE!

PINK LOVE is a non-profit organization established in March 2020 when it rebranded from Every Woman’s Fight Foundation which started in 2016. It originally started as a Facebook support page which rapidly grew into membership. This organization focuses on advocating for women’s health, education and empowerment.

PINK LOVE resources are used to educate women to spread the message on the importance of self-examination and medical screening yearly. It also serves as a platform to educate women on Breast Cancer and other challenges that women go through on a daily basis. We stand to encourage self check, self care and self love.

PINK LOVE aims to eliminate misconceptions and myths about Breast Cancer and the cosmetic changes after treatment that sometimes develops into domestic violence and rejection. We provide an open supportive and inclusive forum where women can share their experiences and access knowledge.

Prevention is our strong hold as our goal is to reach out to as many women as possible in all parts of Zambia including rural areas.

PINK LOVE identifies individuals in Zambia who are challenged either due to their disabilities or lacking financial support. We look to partner with others that work with the vulnerable population but are in need of volunteers or resources. At PINK LOVE we believe that humanity has no category.

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Help change lives by donating to our cause. Our programs and initiatives focus on breast cancer awareness, screening, improving outcomes, community support, etc..

Our Programs

Our programs are aimed at supporting and advocating for everyone at-risk and affected by breast cancer in Zambia.  PINK LOVE’s programs are centered on raising awareness about breast cancer, increasing access to breast screening, offering social and emotional support to those affected by breast cancer (e.g. patients and their dependents), and advocating for access to breast cancer information, diagnosis, and treatment.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Our breast cancer awareness program is provided in the communities and via social media. Our program aims to address the following:

  • One in 7 Zambian women have never heard of breast cancer*
  • 25% – 40% of Zambian women don’t know breast cancer is curable*


Breast Cancer Screening 

PINK LOVE currently provides financial support to vulnerable women seeking access to screening services on a monthly basis depending on the availability of funds. The primary objective of this program is to remove financial barriers to breast cancer screening services.

  • Zambia has a local of accessible and affordable screening facilities.
  • Offer screening services to vulnerable women on a monthly basis.


Support Groups

Have the support of others is an essential part of breast cancer survivorship. PINK LOVE provides emotional support to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. We also link dependents of breast cancer victims to government and community-level resources to address any social services needs they may have (e.g. access to education or legal services regarding wills).



Advocate for universal access to breast cancer education, screening, diagnostics, treatments, and support services for those affected by breast cancer. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that Zambia has local, accessible, and affordable screening, diagnostic, and treatment services for everyone at-risk or affected by breast cancer..

Our Mission

To save and celebrate the lives of those affected by and at-risk of breast cancer by providing access to education and medical and social services

Our Values

  • Compassion: Supporting everyone affected by breast cancer.
  • Integrity: Guided by ethics in everything we do.
  • Courage: Unwavering commitment to overcome challenges to achieve our mission.
  • Inclusion: Intentional acceptance of diverse populations touched by breast cancer

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